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With deep appreciation for the support these Seekers have demonstrated for the Season of the Seeker and honoring how much their participation has meant to me, following are testimonials from some of our Seekers.

The Season of the Seeker program has been a rewarding and defining experience over the past months. Each session is presented in a concise and intelligent manner that speaks to the wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom imparted by Anni, with easy to follow guideposts that point to the teachings that lie at the heart of every lesson. Although the coursework itself is phenomenal and urges each Seeker to dive deep into their personal path and discover the truth of these lessons for themselves, the sheer genius of the experience is the profound interaction with fellow Seekers and the active role Anni plays in the discussions throughout. As a teacher and practitioner, I am pleased to say that this course of study is a fulfilling and worthwhile pursuit for anyone, whether they have been practicing for decades or picked up their first Craft book yesterday. -Kurt

As someone who had just started exploring a nature-based spiritual path, I quickly became a huge fan of Anni on her MirthandReverence YouTube channel. When she announced the Season of the Seeker Program, I couldn’t resist! A year-long instruction covering topics on elemental balancing? You bet! However, this program has turned out to be even much more than that. Anni in her thoughtful and gentle teaching style, guides her students into journaling and exercises that allow them to take in the information she shares and to make it theirs. ‘Make of it what you will’ is a common theme in the Seeker program. Anni’s depth of wisdom and experience has provided a solid foundation for my studies as well as a springboard into researching new ideas. She respectfully encourages Seekers to acknowledge what they come already knowing, and using that place to start to build the foundation of a personal practice. The discussion forum is a wonderful place to see how others have interpreted the material and is a supportive sharing environment. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to develop, or enhance, their nature-based practice. – Carrie

I have been on the spiritual path for over thirty years. Deciding to participate in the Greystone Path is definitely the best decision I have made for myself in a long time. The sessions are easy to follow, easy to apply, and right from the start the insights and the inner growth began to blossom. – Morgan Kalliope Oghmanann

“What is our personal practice if not a promise to ourselves? It’s as simple as that…and it’s not always that simple.”–Anni. Anni always manages to find ways to change my perspective and reach me at the point where I am–even as she does this for all the others in our learning community. I sometimes revisit older video sessions just to hear again the truths that are shared or a turn of phrase that caused me to puzzle over something in my own life and practice. I strongly encourage anyone considering this study to begin it–Anni’s experience and empathy, combined with her insights, make this study a joy every week. The times I have gotten behind due to issues, I always find myself yearning to return, and surprised by a “coincidental” comment that reminds me exactly why I want to continue. Thank you, Anni, for a wonderful beginning! – Rebecca

One month in and several lessons deep into the Greystone Path, I am enjoying so much the guidance and inner pathwork that Anni is providing our group. Anni’s lessons are so relatable to my own life experience, I feel as though her lessons were made with me in mind! The lessons also provide us a way to bring our own journey fourth in correlation with the path work by use of journaling, a tool that not only forces us to consider how the lessons pertain to each of us, but also this provides us a documentation of our own journey forward along the Greystone Path. I am finding this provides me a useful way of tying what has been discussed back in to what is relevant in my own life. I almost passed on the course, as I wasn’t sure I could dedicate the time necessary, but the lessons are given in a concise and straight forward fashion each building on the previous lessons which make this very convenient to fit into my busy lifestyle. Now that I am all in, I am so grateful that the Great Mother lead me to participate after all, because Anni’s Greystone Path is definitely giving me the tools that will enhance my own Priestessing skills. And I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I enjoy having Anni as part of my own journey, knowing that I am being guided by a Priestess with many years under her belt, and that in and of itself is a blessing. – Raven Nyx, Administrator/Owner of The Gray Witches Grimoire

I’ve been working through the Season of the Seeker program for a month now and it has far exceeded my hopes and expectations. The lessons are all very well written and I learn something about myself from each and every one of them. It’s also great to share this journey with all the other participants. It already feels like we are growing into a close community of magical friends. I highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to explore self development with magic!

The Greystone Path Experience of Contemporary Wicca – Season of the Seeker is not just a course in knowledge transfer, but is a gentle, experiential, collaborative, learning process that engenders wisdom. You are not alone on the path, and you will meet yourself there. – Pat Gagnon, Consulting Resource Teacher

Taking the Season of the Seeker course offered by Lady Ahneke Greystone has been quite an experience. She has offered many words of wisdom and she has challenged me in so many ways. You will leave her course a changed person with a higher understanding of yourself and your practice. I cant wait to see what the next course will be like. – Zachary D

The Season of the Seeker program artfully weaves together elements of personal reflection, discovery and mindful spiritual practices into an exceptional teaching program. Ms. Greystone’s gentle teaching style is welcoming and challenging all at once. I highly recommend her program!
– K.S., Annapolis, Maryland

I am in The Seeker Group One program as one of the first thirty to have started this magical and amazing journey with you. I have never felt so inspired and, I truly mean that, ever in a program such as this. To learn from such an influential, spiritual person as yourself teaching us what was taught to you by priestesses before you is such an honor! Anyone who is joining this journey will get so much from it, especially the heart and soul of which Torrent has named The Greystone Path. Blessings.

I like the way you go through ritual and a spiritual path in small steps using simple but meaningful rituals.

I have been searching for an online program that is not taught from the perspective of “this is the way.” I saw in your YouTube videos that you honor the paths of those you meet and that you have a way of providing information without lecturing. Season of the Seeker is what I had hoped it would be, as you teach in that same style. I feel I am being encouraged to find my way with what you share as an inspiration. This is the first online course I have stayed with, and I am looking forward to the entire year. – Avery

The Season of the Seeker program … is a well thought out program that offers insightful information with a personal touch of warmth from its teacher. Anni works hard at providing us information that we can use and questions that make us challenge ourselves as we walk along this journey together. Personal reflections through session exercises and journal entries allow for great spiritual growth within a safe environment of open minded people. To be honest, I was a little nervous about providing such personal reflections in a group session, but the environment provided is of great comfort and warmth that I immediately felt at ease with sharing among my peers. If you’re looking for something to provide you with an opportunity to get a better sense of yourself, to grow in your spiritual path, and you want more than your basic Wicca 101, this is for you. – Rhiannon Dreamdancer

Season of the Seeker is an amazing experience that does not rest on any spiritual philosophy, but instead enlightens participants with thought provoking exercises and material meant to bring out the highest/truest part of each of us. It is a meditative journey along a road traveled by a supportive guide, and kind and thoughtful friends. – Laurey Ray

This series has assisted me in exploring what spirituality might be from the pagan perspective. While I am not Wiccan, I am curious to learn more about its practices as I find them appealing and have been building my personal rituals based on them. Five weeks into the program and I am benefiting greatly from the videos and documents and am especially pleased that the documents are provided. Thank you, Anni, for your generous being. – Peace Pagan ~

I appreciate the community that is gathering around you! It is the first time I have felt comfortable sharing and joining in discussions.

I am only one month into following the Greystone Path and already I have gained insight to why and how I project myself and the impact this has on others, and as a result I do think before I speak or react. The Greystone Path has also been a confidence booster, as much of the tasks do focus on positive outcomes, even when a task may lead to the not so happy moments – the discussion groups help a lot as its always good to hear about others experiences good and bad and how they dealt with it, plus Anni is always willing to share stories too and never far away if needed.  – Rachel (London)

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