Seeker – Overview

NOTE: Season of the Seeker online is now and for the foreseeable future available as a self-study course, as our groups are currently full. If you are interested in the program and working it as an Independent Seeker, please follow the instructions on the “Application” tab, and we will provide you with information on the Independent Seeker Program. In addition, a limited number of Season of the Seeker 1-on-1 Programs remain available.

Season of the Seeker: The Greystone Path Experience of Contemporary Wicca is a 52-week program intended as a participatory foundation program for those seeking to explore contemporary paganism and personal practice from the Wiccan perspective.


Two video sessions per week (available Monday and Thursday) will be uploaded to the members section of this website.  Each session will focus on a particular topic, building one to the other, and will average one half hour in length.  A curriculum listing session topics is available on the Season of the Seeker - Curriculum page.  Sessions can be viewed at at any time that is convenient for the participant.  The videos are considered proprietary to the course and are not to be downloaded or embedded. Each session will require action on the part of the participants in the way of specific assignments and/or practical exercises.

A PDF document will be provided for each session.  It will duplicate the information presented in the video and may contain additional information.  Some participants prefer to read sessions rather than watch video, which is why the PDFs are provided.  Participants are welcome to download the PDF documents for their personal use and as a record of the sessions.

There will be opportunity for discussion in the members-only discussion forum (a Yahoo group).  Participation in the forum is encouraged, as all participants will have valuable experience and knowledge to share.  While participation in the Yahoo group is not mandatory, it is in keeping with Greystone Path goals of inclusive learning.


First and foremost, consistent participation.  It is understood that the participatory experience will vary, with some wanting to work the sessions privately, some feeling the pull towards discussion in community and some called to share and hold private according to the nature of the individual sessions.  The series has been designed specifically for those who want to take on a focused and consistent study program.

Working of the sessions in the order they are provided and in a timely fashion.  If faced with a challenge of time, participants will need to catch up at their earliest convenience – sessions build upon each other, and will only be kept available for a month from their initial posting date.

Respect for fellow participants.  There will be varying viewpoints; and no viewpoint, including Ahneke’s, is a given for all.  The Greystone Path celebrates what we have in common and, equally important, honors our differences in practice and belief.  This shared journey is one of open-mindedness and acceptance of the varying viewpoints and experiences we all bring.

Monthly response to an e-mail from Ahneke requesting response to three questions regarding the previous month’s sessions.  Response to this will insure participants remain on the active roster.  Failure to respond appropriately will remove permission to view videos and documents and disable ability to participate in the group forum.  This monthly “check-in” will honor that each will choose to participate in their own way, and will guarantee that only those actively experiencing the sessions will receive continuing information.


The timely uploading of videos and PDFs.

Twice-weekly e-mails to participants to link them to new videos and a reminder of the coursework for them.

Daily presence in and monitoring of the discussion forum to participate in discussions and be available to answer questions regarding the sessions.


Some of our Seekers have been kind enough to share with you what their experience of Season of the Seeker has been. You can see their comments on the Season of the Seeker – Testimonials page.


Ahneke welcomes your application to be considered for participation in the series – please respond via the Season of the Seeker - Application page.  The application consists of three simple questions to answer in the e-mail form you will find there.


There is a requested one-time donation at the start of the program of $10 for those who can conveniently offer that.  This is in support of Ahneke’s administrative time and expenses to coordinate the experience.  Humbly, she admits that additional donations anywhere along the way will be welcome; as well as she understands that not all will be able to make a financial donation. Donations may be made through the members only page once sessions begin for approved participants.

At the end of the first year, Ahneke plans on self-publishing the course.  She will occasionally ask participants for their approval to include some of their contributions in that publication.  She will always provide a copy to the participants of anything she would like to use; the participant may edit their work and approve it being included or may decline having it published.  These contributions can be under the participants’ names or anonymous.  Participants are most welcome to let Ahneke know from the start if they do not want their contributions considered.  She invites you to become part of her dream of publishing the four seasons of The Greystone Path (The Seeker, The Dedicant, The Sovereign and The Hermit) in such a way that readers will understand the power of community and the varied knowledge and experience we all bring to it.

Ahneke is additionally offering a one-on-one program for those who would like to work more directly with her.  This will appeal to those who would like to be in regular contact with her and who would benefit from the partnership and encouragement that would foster.  While we cannot replicate the power of sitting down face-to-face, we can provide ourselves the opportunity for a more personal experience.  The charge for this will be $20 per month, with the understanding that if the participant’s ability to offer that changes, they will still have full access to the free sessions per the above.  A more detailed description of the one-on-one option can be found on the Season of the Seeker – One-on-One Program page.

Please feel free to email Ahneke if you have questions regarding this overview.

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