Seeker – One-on-One Program

Ahneke is offering a one-on-one program for those who would like to work more directly with her. Coursework will be the same as that in the free course. This will appeal to those who would like to be in regular contact with her and who would benefit from the partnership and encouragement that would foster. While we cannot replicate the power of sitting down face-to-face, we can provide ourselves the opportunity for a more personal experience.

If you are considering this option, please understand the exchange of energy is that you will complete exercises on time and be in regular contact with Ahneke who will honor that energy by being present, supportive and engaged in dialogue with you.

The charge for this will be $20 per month, with the understanding that if your ability to offer that changes, you will still have full access to the free sessions.

Participants who would like to request this expanded program should e-mail Ahneke directly at Ahneke to let her know of their interest.

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