About the Path

Like any path, there was a way forward.  Not always a straight one, often crossing over or joining other paths and frequently with no clear journey’s end in sight.  Along the way there were friends and like minds, teachers and mentors, fellow seekers and wise folk.  The path was often well lit and smoothly traveled, but there were times when it was shaded and less easily voyaged.  We were strong of heart, though, as we were children of the Goddess, willingly following her lead.

We all walk a perfect path.  The one we began at our first breath, or possibly before.  We walk it until we die, or possibly beyond.  We have never strayed from it, even when we experienced it as a time of shadow and trod tentatively.  No one else walks it just as we do, gathering our unique experiences as we journey.

When I began guiding others regarding pagan spirituality, what I offered was the sum of my mentors’ lessons and what my own journey made of them.  As important became what I learned from the wisdom and instinct of my students.  It was one of them who decided to name what we were accomplishing together.  Our discussion one morning centered on the role of the teacher to share and guide while at the same time releasing the “facts” of the instruction to the student to embrace and apply to their own unique travels.  The teacher’s truth would not be the student’s truth.   Not if the lessons were well taught and well learned.

“Will this bring us closer together, or will it separate us?” he asked.  “What will we have in common, and what will we always share?  How am I bound to those who taught you and others you have taught?  And with those I will teach?”

He decided he would call our combined journeys The Greystone Path.  The solid stones along the way were our mutual way forward and our shared history.  He spoke a need I had not yet put words to.  As my students moved on there was a disconnection that felt appropriate in that they were heeding my advice to create their way forward separate from our time together, but I found what felt like parting to be bittersweet.  We were at the same time intimately bound and separated by our distinct futures.  What symbol could represent this journey of our souls coming together, moving on and remembering?

It took the wisdom of a young man to remind his teacher of the bonds that beautifully and eternally connect us.

Those who have traveled alongside me are real and present when I think of The Greystone Path.  They may be solid and present in my physical life, and they may be the silent and ethereal shades of those who have preceded me in leaving this world.  The unnamed need I had to honor that it is never about one teacher or one student was named the Greystone Path that day by a gentle man named Torrent, who in the present is one of the ethereal ones who walk with me.

The Greystone Path is an amalgam of my experience as a witch and a Wiccan, and it is ever becoming whatever my students, and theirs, will make of it.  Those of you who will join us for any part of it will have the benefit of its sum, and it will not be so much about who said what along the way; it will be the echoes of all our experiences.

With thanks to Torrent, who in that day gone by decided those of us who had come together for some time or for all time would be walking The Greystone Path.

Will you travel with us?

Dedicated to Torrent


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